Wrangler FW16

Take the Wild Way Home with Wrangler this Fall/Winter '16.

Building on the foundational work we did during FW15 and the evolution to SS16, Wrangler wanted to take the next big leap this Fall/Winter season and push their digital presence to new heights. Their core campaign was the 'Wild Way Home', a call-to-arms that invited their audience to break free of their day-to-day routines and explore their familiar surroundings in a new light. So how could we best get that message to their audience online?

First we enhanced the eCom experience, positioning products alongside contextual messaging, and then we complemented that with 'Wild City', a lifestyle-led photo journal that showed the clothes in action. The results have been impressive, with Wrangler's online metrics going from strength to strength, as the brand itself grows in stature.

Home Mobile

The homepage is an important area for Wrangler as it's where most visitors go first. So to help users relate to the new season we made its primary messaging contextual to their time of day and day of the week, to encourage them to break free of routine at opportune moments.

Home Desktop PLP Desktop

Product listing pages were refined and a new art direction for product photography was introduced, to show the clothes in their best light.

PDP Desktop

Product detail pages were overhauled so the products looked more impressive and the purchase journeys were clearer.

Wild City Mobile

Wild City invited a number of European influencers to share their favourite spots in their cities. We packaged these up as a series of issues that were released around the seasonal launch.

Wild City Mobile

This resulted in a collection of stories that featured Wrangler products in inspiring locations.