Wrangler FW15

Introducing Born Ready, Wrangler Europe's new digital platform and performance denim product range.

Wrangler's all about performance denim; high-quality products tailored for an active lifestyle. Fall/Winter '15 introduced two new collections – Cold Ready and Rain Ready – and a new product proposition: Born Ready. Our challenge was to showcase these new products and demonstrate Wrangler's new position online.

Working as part of a cross-agency collective (with minds from Bornem, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and London) we established Wrangler's new digital visual direction by creating a weather-reactive eCommerce website, and an inspirational adventure hub. This project helped reintroduce the brand to an audience that had lost touch with it, and uplifted its online metrics.

Wrangler Europe desktop

Wrangler's new products help keep wearers warm and dry – handy in the cold, rainy winter months. To get this benefit across to potential customers we used geolocation to highlight their immediate (or upcoming) weather and then showed how Wrangler's range can help them prepare for it.

Immersive video helped strengthen the weather-led proposition. Keeping file sizes small was very important – we couldn't risk making users wait too long for the page to load, in case they left.

Wrangler Europe mobile

Location-aware content was a natural fit for mobile. In this season the project was desktop-first as it's the main focus for conversion, but we established a stronger mobile offering too.

A huge amount of effort went into figuring out the role of the homepage as it received the highest number of visits. In this early concept we toyed with the idea of a weather hub that let users explore select products.

Early homepage concept

A radial interface could let users easily change days to see upcoming weather and appropriate products.

Early homepage concept

Items in the collection could be introduced in an editorial-like way.

Early homepage concept

Certain products could be stylised to reinforce their weather-centric innovations.

Early homepage concept

As the homepage developed, weather stayed at the forefront and a more sophisticated typographic approach was born. As the site needed to function in multiple European languages, simplicity was key.

Early homepage concept

This direction was refined into the finished page.

Born Ready Adventures landing page

The Born Ready Adventures hub needed a bold, clear introduction as users from all around Europe would be directed to it.

Born Ready Adventures video

A couple of campaign video trips were created with micro-adventurer Alastair Humphreys. Products and tips were integrated at key moments.

The core of the hub is the map – this is where you can explore a carefully curated list of micro-adventures across Europe.

Born Ready Adventures map

These adventures were focused around key European cities but users were also encouraged to add their own stories in places local to them.

Born Ready Adventures mobile

The adventures were an eclectic mix, ranging from hot air ballooning to white water rafting.