Islands at Chester Zoo

Experience the wonder and mystery behind Islands, Chester Zoo’s ground-breaking new park attraction.

Islands is a grand addition to the park that invites visitors to explore six south-east Asian islands to discover their natural wildlife. Trouble is, such a huge development takes time, and the zoo needed to start building anticipation.

So we created a site to tease would-be explorers before the big launch, slowly revealing content about the attraction. And when Islands opened, the zoo app was enhanced too, with fun games and challenges for visitors to experience in the park. Greeted with steady visits and engagement, the site has since evolved into a dedicated hub for Islands information.

I wanted the site to feel rich and immersive – like you're peeking into an undiscovered world.

Home Calling all explorers Map

Visitors had to rally together to unlock site content by tweeting their demand for it.

Island detail

Each island was presented like a page from an explorer's logbook to add to the mystique.

Chester Zoo App

The companion app was extended with Islands-specific challenges and rewards.