Get the most out of a visit to Chester Zoo with the official companion app.

In 2014 park attendance was growing and growing, and Chester Zoo found that they needed to bridge the gap between their online marketing and their park activity, to help customers experience everything the zoo had to offer.

We created a mobile companion app to do just that. It makes it easy for customers to purchase tickets, shows them what's on and where everything is in the park, and updates them with zoo news so they know when to plan their next trip. Since launch the app is regularly used by thousands of visitors each month, and it's contributed to increased ticket sale conversion online.


The welcome screen adapts to the user's location. If they're planning a trip (or if they're already on the way) it highlights key features to get them excited. When they're in the zoo it swaps these for useful shortcuts to make it easier to get around.


The map is at the heart of the app, providing a much easier way to navigate the park compared to its printed counterpart.


News articles keep users updated with stories from the zoo, and using the map integration they'll know where to head to first when they get there.

Animal Profile

The animals are the stars of the zoo so we made them feel special in the app too. Taking cues from collectable trading cards, their striking portrait shots are accompanied with key stats and educational content.

Animal Collection

Complementing that collectable feel, users are encouraged to pick-up a unique badge when finding each animal.


Achievements can also be earned for completing certain activities.

Animal Talk Times

At certain times of the day zookeepers give talks, providing insight into the animals that the zoo is raising. It's easy to miss these with so much going on, so a reminder feature was created to give users a helpful nudge at the right time.